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Hot and crunchy chocolate with vanila ice-cream
Almonds soup with apricot
Cheese cream with berries
Black and white chocolate cake
Baked apple with vanilla ice-cream
Carrot pie
Pineapple, coconut and peanut cookie
Hazelnuts, cherries and cocoa
Square peaches with vilolet ice-cream
Orange cream caramel with chocolate
Pears pie with ice-cream
Goat's cheese with quince preserve
Apple pie with caramel ice-cream
Lemon verbena soup with lemon ice-cream
Sweet strawberries with ice-cream
Cheese cake with orange
Chocolate cake with orange and coconut ice-cream
Pineapple with coconut ice-cream
Hazelnut and chocolate cake
Pears pie with vanila ice-cream
Loquat with ice-cream
Rabit with sea snails
Entrecote with sesame
Pig trotters with blood sausage
Foie poelê with peaches
Young duck with baked pumpkin and tamarind
Duck┬┤s liver with apple
Young pork with pears
Young duck with pumpkin
Entrec├┤te with Goat cheese and quince
Beef tenderloin with red grenache sauce
Duck breast with chutney
Lamb chops with mint sause and ginger
Iberian pork cheeks with red wine sauce
Crunchy pig trotters with blood sausage
Steak Tartar
Suckling pig with pineapple
Baked fish with potatoes, onions and tomatoes
Hake with baked potatoes
Grilled sole
Grilled tuna fish with vegetables
Monkfish with young onions
Hake with little octopuses
Monkfish with cauliflower and blood sausage
Monkfish with carrots
Colin with grilled vegetables
Monkfish with garlic sprouts
Turbot, polenta and blood sausage
Hake with cabbage raviolis
Fish Suquet (stewed with potatoes)
Gilthead with artichokes
Grouper fish with vegetables
Monkfish, beans and safron
Sea bass with greens
Monkfish with pickled lentils
Monkfish with pumpkin and orange
Sea bream with broad beans
Zebra sea bream with greens
Sole with cabbage and turmeric
Hake with sweet potato and smoked eel
Grouper fish with greens
Baked King Bream fish with potates
Sea Bass with greens
Cuttlefish with bulgur
Tuna salad with soya and ginger
Foie mi-cuit
Big prawns with potatoes and salad
Stewed artichokes with cod fish tripe
"Coca" with razor clams and vegetables
Tuna salad with soya and green lentils
Fennel soup with egg
Cold lasagna with praws and chickpeas
Tomato soup with mussels
┬┤Coca┬┤ of grilled vegetables and marinated fish
Courgette cream with mussels
Humus, calmar and carrot salad
Scallops with greens
Craker with grilled vegetables and mussels
Tuna tataki with salad and pickled greens
Tagliolini with prawns and vegetables
Octopus, potatoes and garlic sauce
Salad with mackerel and aubergine
Stewed artichokes with cod fish tripe
Prawns, quinoa and seaweed
Cuttlefish with artichokes
Cabbage soup with clams
Salmon and sweet potato
Pumpkin soup with smoked eel
Watermelon and beetroot soup with scampi
Fennel soup with scampi
Scallops with artichokes and young onions
Marinated salmon with endive and avocado
Baked aubergine with cheese
Kohlrabi soup with scampi                 telf.: +34 977 36 95 12