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Hot and crunchy chocolate with vanila ice-cream    7.7
Apple pie with caramel ice-cream    7.7
Sweet strawberries with ice-cream    7.7
Cheese cake with sweet oranges marmalade    7.7
Pineapple with coconut ice-cream    7.7
Pears pie with vanila ice-cream    7.7

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Duck´s liver with apple    20
Beef tenderloin with red grenache sauce    22
Duck breast with chutney    19
Lamb chops with mint sause and ginger    20
Iberian pork cheeks with red wine sauce    18
Steak Tartar    20

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Hake with grilled tomatoes    20
Fish     19.8

Precios con IVA incluido
Rice with scampi and pork sausage    21
Squid with black rice    21
Duck`s rice with shiitake mushrooms    19.8
Soupy crab rice from Ebro Delta    21

Precios con IVA incluido

Foie mi-cuit    18.7
Big prawns with potatoes and salad    19
Scallops with greens    21
Octopus, potatoes and garlic sauce    19.8
Salad with mackerel and aubergine    18
Stewed artichokes with cod fish tripe    18
Prawns, quinoa and seaweed    18
Salmon and sweet potato     19.8

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